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Atlantic Professional Development (APD) is the recognized leader in Tidal Boundary Survey training for survey professionals, regulatory staff, and coastal resource managers. APD delivers quality CEU and CLE accredited classroom and field training to the nation's professional land surveyors and attorneys.

APD offers unique, rapid-fire, one and two day field and classroom seminars. APD's field workshops are scheduled to coincide with tide predictions at the seminar location. A typical tidal datum field workshop includes:

  • Review of  Roman and European maritime law and US case law concerning tidal water boundaries

  • Tidal characteristics

  • Learning proper use of the NOS tidal Benchmark Sheets

  • Use of the Mean High Water Data Collection Package

  • Team building, logistics, scheduling, tidal predictions and safety precautions

  • Install tide staff, set tidal benchmarks and establish vertical level ties to NAVD88 and NGVD29 benchmarks

  • Observe and record water level observations for each of of the scheduled tide sessions

  • Comprehensive computation and end of observation sessions for each tide observation

We place the survey professional in his element, recording field observations and performing computations for establishing a legally defensible tidal boundary. Natural inhibitions soon disappear and the surveyor emerges as a confident professional, proud of his or her new found skill of correct procedural methodologies and the ability to accurately establish mean high water or mean low water tidal boundary lines.


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